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2nd Kedrion Roadshow (Nov.3,2014 – Nov.8, 2014)




Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person*

Sometimes, natural, accidental or social causes obstruct the natural right to life, liberty and personal security.

Because of the special nature of its products, Kedrion supports people, communities and institutions in reducing or removing those obstacles that prevent people enjoying such rights.

Kedrion helps turn the natural rights (life, liberty, security) into the social right to live in the best possible conditions. For this reason, it collects and converts, makes active and usable that vital energy that is generated and regenerated, preserved and carried through blood; so that it can be transferred from one human being to the next, and anyone can enjoy one’s fundamental rights.

* Universal Declaration of Human Rights, art. 3.


Kedrion produces and distributes human plasma-derived medicinal products, which can improve people’s quality of life.

It works to maintain its excellent industry standards and aspires to ongoing improvement, in order to retain its leading position in Italy and increase its share of the international market.

It works to strengthen its role as the accredited partner of the medical, scientific and institutional communities.

Its ambition is to strengthen its worldwide role as a strategic partner of the national health systems of those countries which aim at becoming self-sufficient in the availability of plasma-derived products also by means of technology transfer.

Kedrion produces wealth for its investors, for its employees, for the local community, and does it consistently with its own vision and with its values, which are responsibility, transparency, confidence in and respect for people.


In November, from 3/11/2014 to 8/11/2014, Bivid Pharma accompanied with Kedrion Group in this Roadshow at Central area in Viet Nam (Da Nang city, Quang Ngai Province, Binh Dinh Province).

Follow by this event, we have the attendance of Dr.Elisabeth Clody, Dr.Arnette Klinger (From Kedrion Group) and many doctors, pharmacists (From Bivid Pharma).

In this Roadshow, we have a good chance to receive and share the clinical experiences in using IMMUNOHBS (Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin 180IU/ml) for newborns baby and how to use it efficaciously safely for this main indication: The prevention of Hepatitis B in the newborns of Hepatitis B virus carrier-mothers


– KOL, doctors, nurses and pharmacist of Pediatric&Obstetric Hospital in Da Nang city.
– Doctors, nurses and pharmacists of Pediatric, Obstetric department in Central hospital of Quang Ngai Province
– Doctors, nurses and pharmacists of Pediatric, Obstetric department in Central hospital of Binh Dinh province


Receive and share the clinical experiences with KOL in Pediatric&Obstetric hospital in Da Nang city

Group presentation with doctors, pharmacists, nurses of Pediatric, Obstetric department in Central Hospital of Quang Ngai Province

Seminar with KOL, doctors, pharmacists and nurses of Pediatric, Obstetric department in Central Hospital of Binh Dinh Province


Da Nang city, Quang Ngai province, Binh Dinh Province

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