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Roadshow Octapharma 10.2019


In October, Binh Viet Duc Co, Ltd. and Octapharma AG visited and exchanged experiences with doctors and experts in hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City about using Albumin in treatment.


Octapharma AG, founded in 1983, is a pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures biological products and proteins from human plasma and human cells. The company’s products are mainly in three areas: hematology, immunotherapy and critical care

– bleeding disorders (hemophilia A / B and VWD)

– More than 300 types of primary and secondary immunodeficiency

– Immune and neurological disorders

– intensive care (including trauma and burns)

– Cancer patients and during major surgeries

– newborns in the case of a Rh negative pregnant mother


Ho Chi Minh City:         Cho Ray Hospital

Hanoi City:                   Bach Mai Hospital

                                     National Hospital of Pediatrics

                                     Administration of Medical Examination and Treatment


Professor, Lecturer, Doctor, Pharmacist, Medical Officer at Cho Ray Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Administration of Medical Examination and Treatment.


During the visit, Binh Viet Duc Co., Ltd and  Octapharma AG exchanged and updated with the doctors about new guidelines on the use of Albumin in clinical and treatment.


Cho Ray Hospital

Bach Mai Hospital

National Hospital of Pediatrics


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